Slow Down, Carol, slow down!

When I was in school, which was eons ago, my teachers remarked about how neat my script writing was, how I stayed in the lines and made it easy for them to read.

Life seemed to be less complicated then. Ah, those were the days!

After years of writing only on my computer…tapping away at the keys, my handwriting has gotten almost illegible and I am trying to take time now to change that.

There have been conversations in certain circles asking if students should still be taught cursive writing. I may be old school, but I think it would be a shame to lose this means of communicating. I thought of this once again when I was looking at a book we just got in here at Turn of the Corkscrew, Books & Wine. It is Jennifer Basye Sander’s There’s More You Should Know: A Journal of My Life. It’s a beautiful journal with blank lined pages ready to be filled that have numerous prompts, including, Is there anything you think you did too much of in your life? Did you choose your profession, or did it choose you? Is there one character trait that best describes your family? As I read through this book, I kept thinking it would be a wonderful gift to leave for loved ones because sometimes we really don’t know each other. Then I thought, wow, I’d have to be very diligent when writing my responses so that they were legible. Then I had another thought…Perhaps it is a non sequitur, but nonetheless…

How wonderful it is to have access to books such as There’s More You Should Know, as well as the shelves of books that we offer here at the store, along with all the events we host. Already so early this year we’ve hosted several book clubs, Carol Goodman, author of River Road, a parenting workshop, a wine tasting, paint & sip, memoir-writing workshop with Nancy Kelton, author of Finding Mr. Rightstein, an artist’s meet & greet, Girl Scout troop, and Lauren Schroff, author of her latest book, Angels on Earth. I dare say during each of these events, a discovery was made, a conversation developed, and a community was served.

Yes, we’re all busy, hurrying through life, whether it is from going here to there, choosing to read 140 character tweets rather than an entire book, or penning a rushed note, but isn’t it nice to know there’s a place that one can come to sit, sip, listen, converse with each other and make new discoveries?